Data Conversion error

Hi Maxim/Thiomir

I have one requirement of reading file from SFTP,
so for that I am using JSch library. I have to read the file on a particular timing so I have created a CRON job.

I have created one activity that will return me ChannelSftp instance after establishing connection to SFTP host. Basically this is the activity which will do connection stuff for me.

But I am getting

public ChannelSftp getSftpChannel()

This is the activity that I have defined. Anything wrong that I am doing.

Hello @Manish_Baraskar

Do you mean io.temporal.common.converter.DataConverterException?

ChannelSftp might not be serializable by the data converter. Can you share the full error?

Another approach could be to instantiate the object ChannelSftp in your worker and pass it to the activity constructor