DeleteWorkflowExecution with Dotnet SDK?

Hello, is programmatic workflow deletion supported with the dotnet sdk?

I tried running the following code:

var client = await TemporalClient.ConnectAsync(new TemporalClientConnectOptions
    TargetHost = temporalAddress,
    Namespace = "MyNamespace"
var handle = await client.StartWorkflowAsync(...
await client.Connection.WorkflowService.DeleteWorkflowExecutionAsync(
     new DeleteWorkflowExecutionRequest
        Namespace = "MyNamespace",
        WorkflowExecution = new WorkflowExecution()
            WorkflowId = handle.Id,

But am getting an error:

Unhandled exception. System.InvalidOperationException: Unknown RPC call DeleteWorkflowExecution
   at Temporalio.Bridge.Client.CallAsync[T](RpcService service, String rpc, IMessage req, MessageParser`1 resp, Boolean retry, IEnumerable`1 metadata, Nullable`1 timeout, Nullable`1 cancellationToken)

Would appreciate any help, thank you! I am on version 0.1.0-beta1

For additional context, running temporal workflow delete from the command line does work, so I am guessing this is a client-side issue.

Just checked and it seems like we missed this one. I have opened [Bug] DeleteWorkflowExecution service call not exposed properly · Issue #143 · temporalio/sdk-dotnet · GitHub to fix this. Thanks for the report!

Hi @Chad_Retz, I see the bug was fixed - thanks for resolving so quickly! Will there be a new version of the Nuget package?

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, no exact date.