Question on "Local dev server + Net Core"

I try to follow quick start in sdk-dotnet to run the example but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.
i download Darwin arm64 to macOS, run the temporal exec file, use http://localhost:8233 get info.
after running worker, “running worker…” shows up,
After running " Executing a Workflow" 1 workflows show up in the “http://localhost:8233”, but no "
Workflow result: Hello, Temporal!" shows up, it looks like it stick in the
“// Run workflow
var result = await client.ExecuteWorkflowAsync(
(SayHelloWorkflow wf) => wf.RunAsync(“Temporal”),
new(id: “my-workflow-id”, taskQueue: “my-task-queue”));”
Any problem in the local dev server? Could you let me know how to solve it?