Temporal for .net

I am trying to build a centralized scheduler which will trigger some backend jobs placed in remote VMs.
I have a scheduler which can invoke the temporal workflow initiator and planning to have temporal workflow and worker running in the remote machine where the actual jobs are deployed and make the temporal worker to run the job. I will have to have this implementation in .net. so does temporal have .net sdk to support this? if not how can i achieve?

Hi @tamiliniyan

There is a dotnet-sdk under development right now, I am going to investigate what is the current state and let you know.

Hi @antonio.perez
Thank you. that helps.
In the meantime, Can you please let me know what are the dependencies to have workflow initiator and workflow,Worker considering Initiator will be there in one machine and workflow, worker will be there in multiple remote machines?


There was a release for the client API. The team is working on the activity worker API, and once it is done, they will continue with the workflow worker API

See Welcome to the Temporal SDK for .NET. | Temporal SDK for .NET

So right now, with the dotnet-sdk, you can write clients to interact with workflows written in other languages, but you can not write workflows/activities or run workers with the dotnet-sdk.

You can have a look at the repository here, feedback is more than welcome.

More documentation here Using the Temporal SDK for .NET. | Temporal SDK for .NET

If I get any other information, I will let you know