.Net SDK - where to download

The doc (https://docs.temporal.io/docs/other-sdks) says to get in touch with anyone from Temporal to get the .Net SDK. Who should I contact? Thanks.

Thanks Maxim, will take a look.

I would love to use the modern .net 5 implementation of Temporal SDK.
@panji Did you get any information about nforgeio/temporal? Does anyone know what is that organization? Currently, there is mainly one person working on the project, and it looks like highly based on java implementation.

I tried it but it seemed to be not in a usable state yet. Unfortunately as well, the lead in my team didn’t agree to use temporal, so I only spent a very short time trying it.

Oh alright, I’m not surprised. What do you use for long-running tasks on .net core platform? Durable functions?

We have a home-grown solution for that.