Dependency issues with java-sdk 1.8.0


Java SDK version 1.7.1 pointed to different (newer) dependency versions that 1.8 does.
Please compare dependencies in:

As a result, I keep getting the following (seems understandable) error in mvn build:

Failed to collect dependencies at io.temporal:temporal-sdk:jar:1.8.0: Failed to read artifact descriptor for io.temporal:temporal-sdk:jar:1.8.0: Could not find artifact com.fasterxml.jackson:jackson-bom:pom:[2.9.0,) in central (

Am I missing something here?

Michał Schielmann

I can see that the version range is now being used instead of concrete version number, yet I do not get why my mvn (3.8.4) throws the above error.

I think I now understand what the issue is - Dependency Management sections do not support version ranges in maven (yet, will be - starting with 4.0.0).
Please see:

I believe this change (version range) should be reverted, otherwise the community would be forced to use mvn-4.0.0-alpha in order to use java-sdk 1.8.0.

FTR, using version ranges (especially open ones) at least for released (non-snapshot) artifacts versions is discouraged. It’s just a matter of time, when things will go haywire.

I can now see that this bug has been already reported and fixed.

Can we expect it to be released anytime soon - as 1.8.0 is pretty much unusable, maybe this should be released as a fix? From what I see it’s scheduled for 1.9.0 instead.

@tzwoenn Thank you for your response, but I don’t want to get into that discussion here, I guess you can find a lot of arguments for and against and if you think that would be useful - maybe a new thread should be opened for it.

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Yes java-sdk 1.8.0 can't be used with maven · Issue #1033 · temporalio/sdk-java · GitHub will be releases alongside 1.9.0 sdk version.
For Maven you can stay on 1.7.1 until it is released.

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