Deprecate Namespace not working?

Seeing this error when I try to deprecate namespace. java sdk version: 1.0.6, server version 1.7.0
WorkflowServiceStubsImpl:182 - Created GRPC client for channel: ManagedChannelOrphanWrapper{delegate=ManagedChannelImpl{logId=1,}}
io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: INTERNAL: grpc: error while marshaling: proto: Marshal called with nil
at io.grpc.stub.ClientCalls.toStatusRuntimeException(
at io.grpc.stub.ClientCalls.getUnchecked(
at io.grpc.stub.ClientCalls.blockingUnaryCall(

Try not to use the DeprecateNamespace API, meaning that the API is exists, namespace will be marked as deprecated, but no actual business impact (namespece will still be treated as active)

how do we deprecate wrongly created namespace in this case?

currently the only way is to delete the namespace record from DB directly and restart ALL hosts