Design Feedback: Personalize Workflow List

Hey folks, we are picking up an effort to allow users to personalize the workflow list table in the Web UI. This means we’re exposing the list of available workflow list data (including RunId) and you would be able to add/remove column headers from the view, as well as re-order the columns, and even pin ones so they are always on screen as you scroll horizontally. Any personalization would persist for each user, where you would only need to set it once.

List of exposed column headers (with corresponding filter or sort)

  • Status (filter)
  • Workflow ID (filter)
  • Run ID (filter)
  • Workflow Type (filter)
  • Start (sort)
  • End (sort)
  • Parent Namespace (filter)
  • Parent Workflow ID (filter)
  • Task Queue (filter)
  • Search Attributes (filter)
  • Custom Search Attributes (filter)
  • Memo Custom Key
  • Memo
  • History Length (filter)
  • History Size (filter)
  • Execution Time (Filter)
  • State Transitions (filter)

We’d love any / all feedback:

  • Would you like these changes to be applied in real-time, or would you rather make your changes and click “apply” or “reset”
  • How useful would this be for you? Would you personalize the column headers?
  • Are there any column headers here you don’t think would be useful, or would rather see other data sets? For example, does “execution time” add value to your use case on the workflow list?
  • Any other feedback/considerations?


Is there any thing we do in filter if the workflow is waiting for a signal say ( > 1 hour ) can be filtered out. or it has not executed the specific activity

Not currently, but it’s a great suggestion! I created a feature request for it here:

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Would be nice to be able to filter on the retry count of the wip activities

Great suggestion, I’ve captured it: Filter by Retry Count for pending activities · Issue #1198 · temporalio/ui · GitHub