How to filter workflow list on workflow id in a LIKE style (pattern or a part)?

It concerns temporal-web application. I am wondering if there is a way to filter on a part of the workflow id or name? It will be extremely useful because we form the id ourselves and it may contain all necessary information for useful filtering.

Could you help to understand what kind of query can be placed in the “Advanced” window for filtering the workflows?

Thank you very much!

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@guntenbein query based filtering is supported on ES enabled environments. You can filter based on SearchAttributes, including WorkflowId and RunId keywords.
Ex of a query:

WorkflowId = my-workflow-id and RunId <> "e7b0a671-377b-40d4-8b17-30fda9cb2688"

Full documentation for workflows filtering using queries is available here

There is also going to be an update very soon that adds auto-completion to queries, it is currently in a PR

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