Dev server fails to start "Error context deadline exceeded"

I’m deploying the CLI dev server as a quick way to start a temporal server via a container. I’ve received reports on some machines the container fails to start with the following error

ERR ts=2024-01-17T17:53:30.526Z msg=Operation failed with internal error. error=GetNamespace operation failed. Error context deadline exceeded operation=GetNamespace logging-call-at=persistence_metric_clients.go:1281*zapLogger).Error
Error: namespace update failed: context deadline exceeded

I cannot figure out why some containers on reported hosts fail to start. The troublesome hosts are running their containers (and the volume where the sqlite db is) on hard drives.

It appears that it’s timing out attempting to perform tasks? Is there a way to increase the timeout of the dev server?


temporal server start-dev --db-filename /data/temporal.db --ip --namespace default --namespace temporal-system

Full log (too long to post here): temporal cli fails to start · GitHub