Do-nothing scripts in Temporal?

I’m looking for ways to eliminate toil. One fantastic idea is Dan Slimmon’s do-nothing script idea:

I want to do something similar with Temporal, where I can define a workflow as a set of purely-manual operations (like in the do-nothing script) and then progressively automate it a step at a time.

In order to do that, I need a way to present a bit of text to a user and have him click a button when he has completed that step. (I believe I’ve seen a similar feature in GitLab and in Jenkins, which allows a human to decide when/if to allow a workflow to continue.) AFAICT, the Temporal interface doesn’t offer any feature like that. (I’d be happy to be wrong.)

How would one go about implementing a do-nothing script in Temporal?

You have to write your UI or CLI to support this; otherwise, this can be done easily. I also saw Slack (or similar tools) integrations for such steps.

I would implement a “step” that interacts with the user and gradually replace each step with activities.