Sleep between activities and design question

I have a temporal activity A which returns an array of strings.
I want to execute an activity B for each string in this array.
I also want the process to sleep one minute between each activity B.
What is the best design for this?
Does temporal have something built in or should I just call activity B in a loop?


hi @Yael

calling the activity B in a loop is the way to go,

please, in your workflow code watch the workflow history length and continueAsNew before the event history lengh hits 10k events,

Let us know if you have more questions,

Thank you!
I am running the workflow as cron, with the cron_schedule argument.
On each run, the loop of activity B will have no more than 1000 iterations.
Should I still watch the workflow history?


you should be fine as long as you stay under 10k events,

See this post if for some reason you have to use continue-as-new with cron ContinueAsNew Loses Cron Schedule: Why?.