What will be the behavior when we Signal a workflow to sleep during the execution of an async Activity?

Hi @maxim,

Our use case is that we have to do maintenance and deploy latest version of workflows.

But the main requirement during this maintenance window is that we want all our Running workflows to sleep in whatever activity it was processing.

For example for 2 hours maintenance window we want all currently Running activity mostly async to sleep.

Could we signal all our workflows to sleep for 2 hours so that no Activities gets processed and gets frozen in place.

Once the latest version workflow code is deployed in worker we want our workflows to wake up after maintenance sleep of 2 hours and continue from that frozen activity.

We’ll need to recreate workflows obviously to pick up latest version of workflow but we don’t want to replay all the old activities instead just run the last frozen Activity.

How will temporal behave? And is it possible to do something like that?

The simplest approach is to shutdown workflow and activity workers for the application for the duration of the maintenance window.