Easiest Temporal Architecture? Serverless?

Hey guys,

I am working on a hotel reservation saas and have a lot of long running processes throughout the lifecycle of the reservation. I am currently using serverless cloudflare workers with upstash queues and planetscale cloud database but understand that the typescript api is not compatible with the v8 engine that cloudflare workers use. As I keep discovering and developing more of my platform the more I realize what if this fails or what if steps 1,2,3 succeed and 4 fails then I need to undo steps 1,2,3 etc.

Solutions I thought of:

  1. Changing backend to nodejs on docker and hosting that on aws ecs. Then I can easily use temporal cloud with typescript api. I am afraid of taking on the extra resonsibillity of being a server admin with this solution especially since im in early stages and lacking resources.
  2. Moving to Vercel serverless since they support full nodejs enviornment and can use the temporal typescript api. With this I am hesitant to trust that vercel will allow me to scale and have heard their pricing is terrible.

Anyone have any recommendations? Should I just dive in using temporal cloud with my own ec2 nodejs docker backend? Thats what im sort of leaning towards.