ElasticSearch version, incident_raised_date, and auto_create_index


I need to use ElasticSearch for Temporal and have couple question:

  1. Will ElasticSearch 7.6 works for Temporal 1.13? If not then what is recommended version?
  2. I am using ElasticSearch 7.6 for Temporal 1.13 currently and get the following replied from ElasticSearch → “incident_raised_date”:“0001-01-01T00:00:00Z”, is it due to incompatible version for Elastic Search?
  3. Currently ElasticSearch receives action (in persistent area) → “auto_create_index” : “false”, is it a mandatory for temporal to function to set auto_create_index to false? Can temporal work if auto_create_index is set to true? Is this parameter can be set / change? If yes then in which file?

Many thanks and regards,


Hi @ridwan.santoso, this seems to be duplicate of ElasticSearch for Temporal (version, incident_raised_date, auto_create_index) so let’s use that one for the conversation. Will close this thread.