Error when changing activity names for a workflow


I have a workflow method W1 created with 2 activities, whose method names are, say A1 and A2. The task queue name was Q1.

I wanted to change the name of A2 to A11.

And these new method definitions are registered with worker on application boot. The go sdk api takes method delegates, and the old method names do not exist anywhere in code base.

The application boots up fine, and i don’t see any replays from temporal for any unfinished tasks. I now wait at least 5 mins to see complete cessation of activity and no replays from temporal.

Then, I proceed to start the new workflow W1 , expecting A1 and A11 to fire as activities. However, i get an error similar to the following:-

Failed:activity error (type: A2, scheduledEventID: 17, startedEventID: 18, identity: blah): unable to find activityType=A11. Supported types: [A1, A2] (type: ActivityNotRegisteredError, retryable: true)

I even changed the name of the workflow to W2. And saw the same issue…
Note the name of the queue did not change all this time, and stayed as Q1.

Can you help me understand why the error happens? and how to make things work with new workflow/activity names?

Project is still in development mode, and I do not want to support versions yet, as nothing is stable.

Hi @Jaison_N_John

Welcome to the community.

If you have tctl installed. Could you run tctl tq desc --tq Q1?, so we can see how many pollers you have for the Q1 queue.

You can get it also from the UI, by clicking on the workflow RUN ID, then History tab, then searching for “” and then clicking the queue Q1. It will show the list of pollers as well.