Error while connecting to temporal in Kubernetes


I’ve deployed temporal using helm on to our test environment and created another deployment with only a worker.

helm upgrade --install temporal -f temporaltest\values\values.mysql.yaml --set elasticsearch.enabled=false --set prometheus.enabled=false --set grafana.enabled=false --set elasticsearch.enabled=false --set kafka.enabled=false --timeout 900s -n workflow temporaltest\

The temporal services come up fine,

λ kubectl get svc -n workflow

NAME                         TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)             AGE
temporal-admintools          ClusterIP   <none>        22/TCP              24h
temporal-frontend            ClusterIP   <none>        7233/TCP            24h
temporal-frontend-headless   ClusterIP   None            <none>        7233/TCP,9090/TCP   24h
temporal-history-headless    ClusterIP   None            <none>        7234/TCP,9090/TCP   24h
temporal-matching-headless   ClusterIP   None            <none>        7235/TCP,9090/TCP   24h
temporal-web                 ClusterIP    <none>        8088/TCP            24h
temporal-worker-headless     ClusterIP   None            <none>        7239/TCP,9090/TCP   24h


but when trying to connect to the temporal from the worker deployment, It fails with an error stating

health check error: context deadline exceeded

The HostPort in the worker is: temporal-frontend.workflow.svc.cluster.local:7223

The following is how I’m trying to connect in the worker deployment, the hostPort value is temporal-frontend.workflow.svc.cluster.local:7223, I’ve even tried connecting using headless, but still get the same result

temporalClient, err := client.NewClient(client.Options{

        HostPort: hostPort,


    if err != nil {

        log.Println("Error while connecting to temporal: ", err)

        log.Fatalf("Unable to create Temporal Client Connection to: %s\n", hostPort)