Facing State Management for Workflows

Hi Team,

I have my temporal system running on two different IPs.

Say : abc and xyz

And they both are pointing to same database installed on ip xyz.

Now the thing when we are creating workflows either Parent/Child pattern or Cron Jobs(Created with temporal functionality), service is pointed to IP abc. Now the behavior we have observed is that when we create workflow on ip abc parent/child both are created but on xyz either parent or child is visible not both basically they are not in sync.

And for cron jobs we have given specific name to cron workflow, now when it runs on ip abc it’s multiple running instances are created on ip xyz which should not happen because will not allow duplicate if some policy is not set.

abc : CronJob - Running and few instances are marked as completed as the cron task wos performed successfully.

xyz : CronJob - Shows running on UI but when you open, inside it will show completed

Means completed state in abc is shown as running on xyz, so because of no proper sync the cron jobs gets stucked.

But when we down xyz ip running service the. it runs smoothly.

Please help with this.