Feature-Request | Predefined Custom Search Attribute Value

Hello Temporal Team,

I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this feature request, but I couldn’t find a dedicated form or category.

Our team is using Temporal and Temporal Cloud in our production environment, and it’s been a great experience! We’ve been extending our use of Custom Search Attributes, which has been incredibly helpful for monitoring and investigating issues and statistics. However, as we add more attributes, managing their values becomes challenging. Our QA and Monitoring teams don’t have access to our source code, so they need to extract new attribute values manually.

We propose the ability to create predefined values for custom search attributes, similar to the built-in “Execution Status” attribute. This would allow us to explicitly define all valid values within the UI and improve usability for non-code-accessing teams.

Thank you!

Hi @Omri_Gilhar,

Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear your great experience with Temporal.

Just wanted to clarify your request about the “predefined values”, are you referring to an enum to capture all the valid options for a given search attribute? If so, how would you envisage exposing these options to a non-code-accessing team? From the Cloud UI’s Namespace config page under the “Custom Search Attributes” section?