Feedback Request: Retiring `temporalio/auto-setup` docker image

We (Temporal) are planning to retire one of the docker images we are currently publishing (temporalio/auto-setup), and we are interested in your feedback.

This docker image is the same as temporalio/server + it sets up persistence schemas. This auto-setup functionality can also be achieved by running temporalio/server and setting AUTO_SETUP=true environment variable.

In fact, this is exactly how we build temporalio/auto-setup docker image:

And here is how Temporal’s own docker-compose files invoke auto-setup functionality:

To reduce this duplication and unnecessary complexity, both for our users and for Temporal, we are planning to retire the redundant image, temporalio/auto-setup.

Here is the Pull Request with more details:

If you have any thoughts or preferences, please comment or vote below!

Thank you!

  • Yay
  • Nay (and can you say a bit about your concern?)
  • Don’t Care

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I’d assume that a production image would only contain what’s necessary to run the application in production and I shouldn’t be able to accidentally turn it into “dev” mode. I can set policies for denying the deployment of the auto-setup image, I can’t set policies for env vars.

This is why I originally introduced the auto-setup image in Cadence and that’s why it’s a Nay from me.


This is a really great point, thank you, Mark!

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Could you please consider providing much smaller image that is designed just to setup the DB schema only for use as init container? I don’t like the idea of every pod checking and eventually updating the schema, in which case it starts slower than usual.

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