Getting Error on converting an activity to local activity


I tried converting an activity to a local activity, by changing activity options to local activity options, and executing local activity.

I am getting this error on ExecuteLocalActivity
"Error":"expected 3 args for function: but found 1". However I’m using it the same way as I was doing ExecuteActivity.

I am not able to figure out the meaning of this error.

Hello @ankit

This usually happens when you call an activity with the wrong number of arguments.

Can you share the code to reproduce the error?

@antonio.perez I won’t be able to share the code,
and was unsuccessful in having something to share, for you to reproduce on your end.

Also this error is weird because for other activities I try to convert into a local activity, they work fine.

I also found this,

Here also someone got a similar error on converting an activity to a local activity. But the discussion in that forum does not talk about that error, but mostly talks about session.

@ankit let me ask the SDK team

Hi @ankit

If you cannot share your code, can you reduce/alter your code to a small enough shareable bit?

Without it, it is difficult for us to diagnose what is going on.

How many worker processes do you have with workers polling on the workflow task queue? Check to make sure one of them does not have an old activity impl registered. You can check the identity prop value on WorkflowTaskStarted event in history for the worker that picked up the worker that picked up the task and where the local activity was invoked.