Getting huge amount of service_errors while there is no workflow error

I am running 1000 workflows per minute, and all workflow can be completed without errors, however I am getting an increasingly huge amount (1 milliion) of the following errors:

My question is: what is the actual impact and implications of these errors? what is the defintion of service_errors_context_cancelled and service_errors_entity_not_found?

The screenshot below showing all workflow completed without errors.

The screenshot below showing huge amount of service_errors.

Hi, whats the server version used?

Task already started can be a benign error in history service

Entity not found can also be benign meaning can happen when there is some tasks for this workflow after its deleted (for example by ns retention period), or if you for example try to signal a non-existing execution.

For context canceled, seen this happen due to workflow generating a very large number of events per time unit.
Are you able to see anything in the server logs that would stand out?

Are your execution latencies affected by this?