Go SDK v1.15.0 Compile error

Getting this error when compiling:


/home/axxxx/go/pkg/mod/go.temporal.io/sdk@v1.15.0/client/service_proxy.go:50:9: cannot use &workflowServiceProxyServer{…} (type *workflowServiceProxyServer) as type workflowservice.WorkflowServiceServer in return argument:
*workflowServiceProxyServer does not implement workflowservice.WorkflowServiceServer (missing GetWorkerBuildIdOrdering method)

Checked here, no open issues on this:

You need to use the specific API version that that version uses in go.mod (v1.8.0 at sdk-go/go.mod at v1.15.0 · temporalio/sdk-go · GitHub …so, go get go.temporal.io/api@v1.8.0). This will be fixed in the next version. See temporal SDK not compatible with temporal API v1.9.0 · Issue #832 · temporalio/sdk-go · GitHub.

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