Helath Check failure

I am trying to register the workflow and the activity using the worker code

	c, err := client.NewClient(opts)
	if err != nil {
		log.Fatalln("unable to create Temporal client", err)

i am getting below error for health check even though the connection is getting established
2021/02/22 02:50:21 unable to create Temporal client health check error: context deadline exceeded

i do not find any errors in temporal server related to the connection failure.

Initially i have deployed using docker-compose and everything worked fine.I am able to register the workflows and the activities and i could do all the fun work.
But when i deployed using Helm i am getting the health check error.

Can someone help ?

What are the options passed to the NewClient call?

I am using opts:=client.Options{HostPort:“serverhost:port”,Namespace:“default”}

Are you able to connect to that “serverhost:port” using tctl from the same host?

I haven’t tried tctl, i checked the connection using telnet and it worked.
Do you want me to try with tctl ?

I think tctl performs a much deeper check than telnet.

My bad,Actually i am trying to connect to wrong pod.Thanks for helping though.

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