Hello (plus: a guide to run the Temporal Server in a VirtualBox VM)

Hello, this is my very first post in this forum. I started to learn and use Temporal recently for some works in the company where I am employed. Since I only have a Windows machine, in my spare time I started to search an easy way to run the Temporal Server for my local developments. And I found one! That is, a very small Alpine Linux installed as VM in VirtualBox.

Since this was interesting, also for my colleagues, I wrote a small guide that describes the entire setup procedure. The guide is available at this page:

Alpine Linux VM Temporal Server Install Guide

I think and I hope that this guide can be useful also for other developers like me (with Windows machines only :wink: ). Comments and suggestions are very welcome to improve the guide.

It is very likely that sometimes I will ask some questions about Temporal (Java SDK). For now, thanks for the forum (it has already been useful to me) and for your attention.


Loved the step-by-step guide. Very useful contribution for the community. Thanks for sharing.

Agreed, really great guide! Saved the PDF and will try it this week for sure.

One small note on page 11, you show the docker-compose up command which uses the default docker compose file. It would be nice to mention that
users could also choose one of the different ones Temporal provides, for example:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-cas-es.yml up


Thanks to all for the appreciation of my guide!

@tihomir thank for the note: I knew about the other files, but I did some tests just only few days ago. For example the docker-compose-mysql.yml is even lighter than the default one.
I will certainly update my guide to add some mentions about these other files!

If someone has suggestions on my guide at english language level, I appreciate (english is not my mother tongue and is far from perfect).