Helm Chart with TLS

Hi All,

How to add TLS certificates path( we can add certs to config map or secrets ) to helm charts .
We are able to figure out how to add ca certs to configmap we want to know how to add the path to helm chart to admin , front end etc… any guide lines really appreciated .

  - "TEMPORAL_CLI_TLS_CA=${TEMPORAL_TLS_CERTS_DIR}/cluster/ca/server-intermediate-ca.pem"
  - "TEMPORAL_CLI_TLS_CERT=${TEMPORAL_TLS_CERTS_DIR}/cluster/internode/cluster-internode.pem"
  - "TEMPORAL_CLI_TLS_KEY=${TEMPORAL_TLS_CERTS_DIR}/cluster/internode/cluster-internode.key"
  - "TEMPORAL_CLI_TLS_SERVER_NAME=internode.cluster-x.contoso.com"