How to add many filters to ListOpenWorkflow ExecutionsRequest

Hi, I dont understand ho I can add more than one filter to the ListOpenWorkflowExecutionsRequest. When I add for example another filter like StatusFilter, I treid to add it after the comma. But its not accepted.

r, err := temporalClient.ListOpenWorkflow(context.Background(), &workflowservice.ListOpenWorkflowExecutionsRequest{
		Namespace: "default",
		Filters: &workflowservice.ListOpenWorkflowExecutionsRequest_TypeFilter{
			TypeFilter: &filter.WorkflowTypeFilter{
				Name: "GreetingWorkflow",
//Here should be added more filters

I have an example but it does not work, because there is only a key Filters in the current version? With this it does not work anymore:

equest := &workflowservice.ListClosedWorkflowExecutionsRequest{
		ExecutionFilter:   &workflowservice.WorkflowExecutionFilter{WorkflowId: parentWorkflowID},
		TypeFilter:        &workflowservice.WorkflowTypeFilter{Name: "child_workflow_type_name"},
		StatusFilter:      &enums.WorkflowExecutionStatusFilter{Status: enums.WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_STATUS_CLOSED},
		PageSize:          100,
		NextPageToken:     nil,
		EarliestStartTime: nil,
		LatestStartTime:   nil,

Yes you should be able to add multiple filters, will try to repro.

Note can just use ListWorkflowExecutions api with visibility query, for example

“WorkflowType=‘GreetingWorkflow’ AND ExecutionStatus=‘Running’”

Remember list apis are paginated, make sure you iterate through all pages of results.