How to deploy Temporal server as standalone Go binary

I’m exploring the option to deploy Temporal natively as standalone Go binary. I went over the doc Introduction to the Self-hosted Temporal Cluster deployment guide | Temporal Documentation but the text there is a bit confusing

You can run the Temporal Server as a single Go binary …

but the text does not mention how we can get the Go binary. Should we build Temporal by ourself? If so, which is the repo that we should check out? Should we download prebuilt binary from some repository (e.g. APT repository for Debian based OS)? The text following this part directly jumps to another topic and talks about how to run Temporal on K8s using the image.

I’m looking for some advice. Thanks in advance

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This repo has the source code for Temporal Server. Skimming very quickly, looks like you can clone this, run make temporal-server, and you should have a standalone Go binary.

Or maybe not, but… this is where I would start.

Would also help if you share more about what you need!