How to get all taks present in the worker task_queue?

I have written below code but it is not running. any idea how to get ?

import asyncio
from temporalio.api.workflowservice.v1 import ListTaskQueuePartitionsRequest

from libutil import logger

class QueueMonitor:
    def __init__(self, client, task_queue, threshold):
        self.client = client
        self.task_queue = task_queue
        self.threshold = threshold

    async def monitor_queue(self):
        while True:
            queue_size = await self.get_queue_size()
            if queue_size > self.threshold:
            await asyncio.sleep(5)

    async def get_queue_size(self):
            service = self.client.workflow_service
            partitions_request = ListTaskQueuePartitionsRequest()
            # partitions_request.namespace = "default"
            # partitions_request.task_queue = self.task_queue
            partitions_response = await service.list_task_queue_partitions(partitions_request)

            filtered_partitions = [
                for partition in partitions_response.partitions
                if partition.status not in {"COMPLETED", "FAILED", "CANCELED"}

            queue_size = sum(partition.backlog_count for partition in filtered_partitions)

  "Queue size for {self.task_queue}: {queue_size}")
            return queue_size
        except Exception as e:
            logger.error(f"Error getting queue size for {self.task_queue}: {e}")
            return 0

    def send_alert(self, queue_size):
        # Implement your alerting mechanism here
            f"ALERT: Temporal queue size exceeded threshold for {self.task_queue}. "
            f"Size: {queue_size}, Threshold: {self.threshold}."

There is not currently a way to get all tasks present in a task queue in Temporal. This is something we are looking to add in the future though. If this is for workflows you can issue a count call with a query that filters on task queue.

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