How to set "preferred soft filters" on workflow scheduling

The first activity of our workflows is usually to install one of many different drivers, which is time consuming. So we would like the workers already with a specific driver currently installed to execute those workflows requiring that driver, so that they can skip the driver installation, and if no worker has the specified driver currently installed, then any other worker can execute the workflow. How can I set a “soft filter” of “current_driver_installed” as for example “driver_xyz” to the workflow so that workers marked with “current_driver_installed” as “driver_xyz” will execute the workflow. Otherwise, other worker with “current_driver_installed” as different values will execute it? Thank you

In Temporal, you cannot control which worker executes workflows. It is needed to ensure that workflow continues executing in the presence of worker failures.

I think you want to execute a sequence of activities on a specific host, and you want to execute the sequence preferably on a host that has the driver already installed. Is my understanding correct?