Is it importing *one of* or *all* of the disallowed modules in the error message?

Getting the below error during a rewrite. I feel like I’ve refactored some of them out but get the exact same error no matter what. Is it any or all of these that are being imported?

Error: Your Workflow code (or a library used by your Workflow code) is importing the following disallowed modules:
  - 'stream'
  - 'crypto'
  - 'buffer/'
  - 'url/'
  - 'querystring/'
  - 'util'
  - 'fs'
  - 'path'
  - 'events'
  - 'url'
  - 'https'
  - 'buffer'
  - 'os'
  - 'net'
  - 'tls'
  - 'http2'
  - 'dns'
  - 'http'
  - 'zlib'
  - 'async_hooks'
  - 'querystring'

answer: all of.

Did you figure out what you are importing that references these disallowed modules?

Not really. I ran npm ls querystring to start trying to find that one. It listed two other projects (this is a monorepo sadly), but didn’t list any deps that were included in the project.

Sad that Temporal isn’t able to state exactly where it’s used in the workflow. I have to hunt for each and every one of these independently. Makes refactoring a large project to use temporal extremely difficult.