Is it importing *one of* or *all* of the disallowed modules in the error message?

Getting the below error during a rewrite. I feel like I’ve refactored some of them out but get the exact same error no matter what. Is it any or all of these that are being imported?

Error: Your Workflow code (or a library used by your Workflow code) is importing the following disallowed modules:
  - 'stream'
  - 'crypto'
  - 'buffer/'
  - 'url/'
  - 'querystring/'
  - 'util'
  - 'fs'
  - 'path'
  - 'events'
  - 'url'
  - 'https'
  - 'buffer'
  - 'os'
  - 'net'
  - 'tls'
  - 'http2'
  - 'dns'
  - 'http'
  - 'zlib'
  - 'async_hooks'
  - 'querystring'

answer: all of.

Did you figure out what you are importing that references these disallowed modules?

Not really. I ran npm ls querystring to start trying to find that one. It listed two other projects (this is a monorepo sadly), but didn’t list any deps that were included in the project.

Sad that Temporal isn’t able to state exactly where it’s used in the workflow. I have to hunt for each and every one of these independently. Makes refactoring a large project to use temporal extremely difficult.

@maxim or anyone else fro the temporal team, is there a possibility that we’d be able to show the dependency tree for where files that are not allowed to be used, exist? It’s next to impossible to find out what packages use what from a list like this.

@nathan_hyland Yes, that’s on our road map. There’s a GitHub issue tracking this here.

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