Is it possible to create a child workflow same as parent workflow type

I have a requirement to develop workflows that maintain Tree structure, which means Parent workflow can have any number of child workflows and child workflows also can have any number of child workflows. The type of workflow is the same for both parent and child. I’m trying to create a child workflow with signals. This what I have tried so far

export async function jobFileWorkflow(
  jobRefId: string,
): Promise<JobFileStatus> {
  // all the does not added here

  setHandler(signals.startChildJobFileWorkflow, async (jobRefId: string) => {
    const jobFIleChildWorkflowId = `wf-job-file-${jobRefId}`;
    executeChild<typeof jobFileWorkflow>(jobFileWorkflow, {
        args: [jobRefId],
        taskQueue: 'job-file-1',
        workflowId: jobFIleChildWorkflowId,
      .then((i) => {
        console.log(' some log');
      .catch((err) => {
        console.log('Error processing child wf: ', err);

But I’m getting an error like below when execute the signal

WorkflowNotFoundError: current workflow not found

what could be the issue?