Is it possible to deploy temporal app as sidecar container and let client provide configuration to build workflow during runtime


I have used temporal saga and it works as expected. Now I would like to create a sidecar container which will have saga compensation for various databases like Mysql, cassandra, DB2. The client will pass their configuration as json and the sidecar container should be able to create workflow automatically during runtime. Is it possible to implement config driven workflow ? Since temporal is workflow as a code, I am wondering if the config driven approach even possible?


As workflow is code it can contain any logic. And the coded logic can implement a config driven workflow that matches your scenario.

Sidecar container will have temporal workflow and the main application container should start workflow. Is there an example in any of the blog?

Haven’t personally seen one, but would be imo very interesting to work on a demo for this.
Keep us updated on your progress.