Is it possible to inject non-serializable objects to activity implementations?

I would like to inject the backend client API into the activity implementation class.

Consider this implementation for an activity:

class SignupActivitiesImpl(private val client: ClientApi) : SignupActivities {

    override fun sendConfirmationEmail(signup: SignupSafe, token: String) {
                "Confirmação de email",
                    "firstName" to signup.firstName,
                    "token" to token

Can I pass a non-serializable object, like the client instance to an activity implementation class?

This is what I need to do:

// The clientApi is a proxy object, not serializable.
val clientApi: ClientApi = getClientApi()

// Partial code example, the worker instance has been configured previously.

Yes, you can pass client as input of your activity impl constructor when you register it with worker.

Thanks, @tihomir.