Is there a support for Camunda DMN (rule engine) with Temporal workflows?

I’m exploring if Camunda DMN (rule engine) can be integrated with Temporal workflows.
And if not, which rule engine is that you suggest the best?
Basically this rule engine could be anything (not just limited to Camunda DMN) that is used to define how the workflow activities should happen.
Rule engine will decide the dynamism of workflow in temporal. Is it possible?

Yes I think you can, similarly to how you would do it for example from a bpmn process, meaning your “decision task” would be a Temporal activity that provides data to rule engine and returns its decision as activity result back to your workflow (so treat it as a service you invoke from an activity).

For push scenarios, if its possible to pass Temporal workflow client object to your rule engine its rules could send decisions to your workflow via signals, or async activity completion if use case requires.

Thank you @tihomir
Let me go through it and revert back in case any further questions.