Kafka connect error

I use v1.5.1, but I have a problem connecting Kafka. “kafka: client has run out of available brokers to talk to (Is your cluster reachable?)”
Because of the Kafka version problem, I can reduce the Sarama version to 1.27.0. How can I solve this problem

my kafka version is 0.11

Is your cluster reachable? I always see the error when Kafka is unreachable.

You can switch ES visibility queue to internal and Kafka won’t be used. Add:

  - value: "internal"

to your dynamic config file. Please note that Kafka configuration sections are still required (although not used) and will be removed in upcoming release.

Where do I need to configure it?

In dynamic config. It is referenced from static config here:

  filepath: "config/dynamicconfig/development_es.yaml"
  pollInterval: "10s"