Kubernetes services: publishNotReadyAddresses required?

Hello! We are wondering what is the purpose of publishNotReadyAddresses:

If I understand upstream kubernetes documentation this ensures that endpoints (pod IP’s) for the service are created even if the pods are not ready yet to receive traffic, is this required?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @Marcos.Cela, got info from our server team:

Setting publishNotReadyAddresses to true means that dns records will be created for pods that are not yet ready where ready is defined by the readiness probe.

This means pods may be sent requests that could fail:

It is part of service discovery in Kubernetes, meant to keep the membership list limited to “ready” pods.

Temporal server deployment object should be able to start to monitor pods through the pod state (lifecycle). “Ready” is the state that Kubernetes usually waits for before sending traffic to the pods.

As far as being required, I would recommend testing it out, as we cannot fully predict if it will cause any issues on your specific setup. If you run into any issues after removing it, please share.