List of running workflows having a specific version

  • How to find out how many workflows are executing a specific version (having marker in history)?

You can count them with tctl:

tctl workflow count --query='TemporalChangeVersion="<change_id>-<version>" AND ExecutionStatus=1'

or list with:

tctl workflow list --query='TemporalChangeVersion="<change_id>-<version>" AND ExecutionStatus=1'

Replace <change_id> with your change Id and <version> with version. ExecutionStatus=1 means Running. You can check full list of execution statuses here.

You can also use same query to list (not count) all workflows in Web UI. Switch to ADVANCED and paste this query there (unfortunately Web UI has unpleasant bug and you need to select any random status, besides All, in basic mode first):

I am not using Elastic Search so I am getting error with the above commands and advance search is also not working.

Is there any other way to do it without Elastic Search?

No, unfortunately this query is only supported through ES.