Is there a query to find all works with a specific version?

i want to find all workflows by type having specific version marker. is there a way i can do it from temporal web ui or tctl?

There is special search attribute emitted by SDK (at least Go SDK): TemporalChangeVersion. It is an array of values of Keyword type and new value is added for every new version. This value is built like:

fmt.Sprintf("%s-%v", changeID, version)

So you can search workflows with query TemporalChangeVersion="myChangeId-3" and if there was a version with change Id myChangeId and version 3 it will be returned.

This video might be useful. It mentions the search.

Thanks @maxim and @alex

I get invalid _argument exception when i search with temporal change version

Do i need Elastic search settings as well for searching on versions?

Sorry, I forgot to mention this. Yes, you need Elasticsearch and advanced visibility to run queries like this.