Unable to find results for TemporalChangeVersion query

Hi team,

I tried the versioning demo at: GitHub - tsurdilo/temporal-versioning-java: Temporal versioning demo - Java SDK with the Docker/Cassandra/Elastic Search setup.

However, I’m unable to find any results for tctl workflow list --query=‘TemporalChangeVersion=“addedCheck-1”’

The web UI advanced search also doesn’t show anything.

I do see the following in Version Marker details:

  "version": {
    "payloads": [
  "changeId": {
    "payloads": [

Am I missing something else?


This is a known issue with Java sdk: Set TemporalChangeVersion when workflow version is updated · Issue #587 · temporalio/sdk-java · GitHub
It does not set TemporalChangeVersion search attribute like the Go sdk yet.

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