Long polling workflow with pending activities

Hi Community!

I’m trying to describe business process, that consist of statuses that depends of related objects and not sure that I’m move to the right way.

I have 3 objects that could change their statuses by user action - approval.
All objects have the final positive status - Approved.
The first (main) object could switch to approved status only if other 2 related object have approved status.

For each object a have their personal workflows where running activities.
Workflows completed only if all signal channels will ended - I mean I will start workflow when the first action have approval state and then waiting the next approvals which triggered by starter with SignalWorkflow.
Each signal in workflow start an activity that could ends or set on pending with activity.ErrResultPending, also positive result of activity could trigger another running workflow with SignalExternalWorkflow.

I have the problem, that the paused workflow with pending activity not process signals from another workflow.

Is that workflow process conception have acceptable way and I need to check retry policies of activities?

Thanks in advance.

Ensure that the sending workflow waits for the completion of a Future returned from the SignalExternalWorkflow before completing.

Thanks for suggestion! Yes I’ve missed selector to check this.

BTW. You don’t need a selector to check a single Future or read from a single Channel.

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