Messages getting lost while being published to Temporal Task Queues using signalling

We noticed a weird behaviour today where in a message was lost in transition during the publish of the message to Temporal Task Queues using signals. From the logs we did not see any exception neither we received a success response after sending the message through code. The issue is intermittent and does not occur regularly. Few of the other messages went through successfully when we tried to signal the workflow , and few were lost somewhere and there is no mechanism to trace them. Any help would be appreciated.

private WorkflowClient client;

private void sendSignal(CustomObject customObject, String taskQueue) {
       client.newUntypedWorkflowStub(customObject.getWorkflowId()).signal("signal", new Object[]{customObject});

What are the ways we can see the logs inside the signal code to troubleshoot further?
Is there a way to extend logging within Temporal SDK to troubleshoot these issues ?