Migration of temporal db schemas from mysql to postgre

Is there a way to migrate temporal db from mysql to postgres?
I have multiple temporal workflows running on mysql (mysql 5.x) we are rationalizing our db stack and we plan to try out auroa (postgres), have any body tried migating temporal dbs?

There is no automated DB migration tool currently.

In case your workflows are short-running you could setup a new cluster and then redirect all new workflow executions to it. Existing workflow executions in this case have to continue on the old cluster until they complete. This is probably the easiest approach.

Another way could be to create a new cluster and set up Temporal replication between the new and old one. You will need to promote your namespace to global and fail it over to the new cluster after replication catches up. Note that this is not DB level replication or a tool that just copies over data. So a fair amount of understanding of how Temporal replication/cross-DC is required before considering this approach.

If possible I’d go with the first approach.