Multi Cluster Setup

We are trying to setup mutli-cluster in our environment and found the following documentation.

Looking to get our configuration reviewed and determine where we are having issues so we can set this up properly for PROD load.

The multi-cluster is an experimental feature that we don’t recommend running in production.

What options do we have? We have very strict data center entry requirements that we need to meet.
Here are some examples.

The application will run in Kubernetes Cluster in Data Center 1.
The application will run in Kubernetes Cluster in Data Center2.
We prefer they run Active/Active, this way FO/DR/SR is done automatically via the Load Balancer.
We have DR/SR/FO events should avoid human interaction if possible, if human interaction is required it has be done via automation.
Each Data Center can have multiple clusters.
We need to only reside in one cluster in each DataCenter.
We do have to be deployed to be each Data Center (2 total)

#Every 14 days
Nodes in the cluster will be drained of work, pods are shutdown, pods are scheduled to start in a different node in a cluster.

#Every 6 months
Every 6 months the Kubernetes cluster will be destroyed and rebuilt. We can move to another cluster in advance.
All processes and data stored on the cluster will be destroyed