My article got snagged; can you review it, please?

I posted an article more than a week ago, but the bot halted it. How long does it take a moderator to review those, please? Thanks!

Hi @guitarmanvt is it the “How is “Temporal” pronounced?” post you are referencing? Let me know.

Yes, that’s the one. If you could paste the text again, that would be great. Thanks!

@tihomir Yes, that’s the article. Is there a way to restore it?

Hi, the pronunciation that has been agreed on internally sounds as “Tem-Poral”, but again Temporal has the right to change this if they would want at their discretion in the future.

I think in the end it is up to each person to pronounce it the way they like and to their best abilities. We do not discriminate against any pronunciation and are just super glad to have great people like all of you that use the project and find it useful.

My initial post was squelched by Askimet, so I hesitate to respond here again. I’ve posted my thoughts here, for the wider interwebz community to find. Please reconsider the pronunciation, as it detracts from the project. Thank you.

Well then … :slight_smile:
Not sure if this needs a reply or not but regardless, happy to have you be part of the Temporal community.