MySQL schema upgrade script

Referring to this post, we would like to find out if mySQL upgrade script is available outside of the schema upgrade tool? I can see the creation script is in the repo, but cannot find the upgrade ones.
Our production environment prohibits ssh to temporal admin pod, running the upgrade tool is going to be challenging. Having the db script separately will allow our DBA to run those instead.

my mistake, I didn’t drilldown to the versioned folder, where the update scripts are located. My next question is that is manual upgrade of DB schema recommended?

Hi William,
Glad you found the versioned folder.

While the manual upgrade is possible, it would likely require some understanding of how the tool applies the upgrade scripts in order.

Since there is no ssh available into the admin pod, is there access to create Kubernetes objects?

One alternative would be a Job

This is the method for running a one off script from a container image inside the cluster.

That is going to be the preferred path.

Is this an option for you to accomplish this?

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Hi, a followup question, if I may: is applying the filed scripts all the upgrade tool orchestrates, or are there some extra tool-internal transactions committed during the scripting process? If yes (extra steps), where can these be found?

Kind regards, Martin

You can see the process here

Simply applying the updates in order should work. However I have not done this process manually.

I would recommend to take snapshot backup of your DB prior to undertaking this task.

Thank you very much. I had a look at the code, not that I‘d understand it, but I agree that it basically applies the contents of the version migration files to the RDBMS. Moreover it checks some statements against a list of 4 allowlist entries, but I could not find more DDL or DML in the program.