Need Recommendations for Adding Nodes (Scaling up) to an Existing Cassandra Cluster

Hello Team,

Currently we are using version of temporal (V1.13) with Cassandra as database. Currently we do have one DC with 3 nodes . We want to add two more nodes to an existing DC. what changes do I need to make on temporal side to get these two nodes? I am thinking to make below changes on temporal side. Can any one of confirm below changes are fine or do I need make changes any where else.


  1. Add schemas and update schemas with new nodes for temporal and temporal visibility

  2. Update the config maps with new nodes

  3. Restart the temporal containers.

Will these changes works or do I need to anything else.

@tihomir Is this something you are aware of this . If yes Can you please confirm my understanding is right?

You should not have to run cassandra tool to set up the schemas, when adding new nodes to existing Cassandra cluster, Cassandra should be propagating schemas automatically.

After this yes you would need to reboot temporal server (all roles), could do rolling restarts if you want/need.

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@tihomir Thank you for your response. currently we do mention all all 3 nodes in our config maps to connect Cassandra . Before doing rolling restart I need to update my config maps with all 5 nodes and then restart right ?

I think depends on your config (static config: default.cassandra.config and visibility.cassandra.config) if you are pointing to all nodes then yes imo.
Depending on deployment you can point to just one of the nodes in the Cassandra ring (at which point I believe you would not need a restart).