Temporal recommendation for Cassandra setup at production level


I have a couple of queries regarding Temporal deployment with Cassandra. We are planning to have a separate Cassandra setup and point the same for Temporal persistence. Looking for answers on the same.

  1. What is the default consistency that temporal provides with Cassandra deployment(helm chart)? What is temporal recommendation of consistency level with Cassandra for production level setup?
  2. Also, I could see 2 attributes in temporal helm chart deployment with cassandra i.e consistency and serialConsistency. Can you explain the significance of both?
  3. What is the replication factor of Cassandra suggested for a production level setup?

Pooja Bhutada

1, 2. You mean read/write consistency? Temporal by default uses LOCAL_QUORUM (consistency param, same as gocql Consistency values) / LOCAL_SERIAL (serialConsistency param, same as gocql SerialConsistency values). This should be fine unless you have a need to change it.
3. For prod the typical recommendation is to use replication factor of 3 for the core temporal keyspace. You can start with 5 Cassandra hosts each having 16 cores and 32 gb mem

Thanks @tihomir . One followup question regarding number of Cassandra setup that you suggested. Do you mean 5 separate Cassandra hosts and each having replication factor of 3??

It should mean to have 5 Cassandra nodes in your cluster and set replication factor to 3.
All the replicas should be spread across the 5 Cassandra instances.

Got it…Thank you!