Node/Typescript SDK

Hey @maxim ,

Is sdk-core production ready? Would it be reasonable to use that lib (and Rust in general) for my workers while I’m waiting for the typescript SDK? Or would you recommend the golang SDK?

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sdk-core is not production-ready and is under active development. sdk-core is intended as a core underlying library for language-specific SDK development. So it is not expected ever to be used directly by any application code. Rust SDK might be provided one day on top of sdk-core, but it will come after NodeJS and Python.

I would recommend using Go or Java SDK while waiting for TS.

Great, thanks for explaining that.

I’ve tried to find a cogent discussion of the differences between Go and Java SDKs and posed this question in a separate thread as we wait for the TS SDK, but assuming I had equal existing investment in Go and Java infrastructure, engineers, etc - what are the decision points between these two SDKs or are they largely the same (again, assuming engineers/infra within our company that is equally familiar with/invested in both platforms)?

Go SDK potentially scales better than Java one as it uses goroutines vs Java threads. But unless you need to cache very large number of workflows it doesn’t matter. So I would recommend choosing based on your language familiarity.

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BTW PHP SDK is another option.

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Also looking forward to this one!

Just letting you all know that we’ve opened sdk-node.
It’s far from ready for use but hopefully in the near future we’ll have basic workflows and activities working if anyone wants to play around with it.
See the announcement also on the Temporal community NodeJS slack channel.

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