Obtain the total of the list of AWS lambdas

Hello community I am having a rather curious problem, I am using a method of listing all the lambdas and that is feasible in my previous programming in other aws services. Now… My problem is that I am trying to bring a maximum of results of the lambdas service, but only brings me 50, valid with the DevOps engineer and there are more than 290 lambdas, is there any way to get the whole list, I attach code and IMG of the results obtained.
code in java language:
Opc 1:

 ListFunctionsResult listFunctionsResult =
                        .listFunctions(new ListFunctionsRequest().withMaxItems(300));

Opc 2

 ListFunctionsResult listFunctionsResult =
                        .listFunctions(new ListFunctionsRequest().withMaxItems(300).withFunctionVersion("ALL"));

Opc 3

   ListFunctionsResult functionResult = awsLambda.listFunctions();
            List<FunctionConfiguration> list = functionResult.getFunctions();
            for (FunctionConfiguration config: list) {
                log.info("The function name is "+config.getFunctionName().equals("lambda-test-env-sand"));

Any help or ideas on how to figure out what the problem might be?

Hello @apolo_01

Please, note that this is not related to Temporal